Mommy and Andrea

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Daddy is on a skitrip so it is just mommy and Andrea at home. The day started early 6.30 and Andrea was wide awake so no more sleep for mommy. Mommy took a shower while Andrea was watching in the chair. She really liked it. After that breakfst for mom. Some playing and some more sleep for Andrea. In the meantime mommy could take care of the laundry. After some fruit we went grocery shopping. Andrea was waving to everybody and most people waved back. She really enjoyed it a lot. Time for lunch: a sandwich with “smeerworst”. This was not really liked, so I made here another sandwich with “smeerkaas”. This was a lot better. Mommy had a broodje with smeerworst. Time for some sleep. Mommy started to clean the house and make it a little bit more Andrea proof (replaced a not so stable table into a corner). Of course laundry was still going on. Around 3pm it was time for some tea and a cookie. Andrea received some diksap and a Nijntje koekje (she does not like them a lot). Around 4pm she went back to back and slept till 5.30pm. Time for dinner. I made her nasi Goreng (rice cooked in milk, pork, cucumber and mild curry powder). It was supposed to be 3 portions (according to the book). She left 5 bites of it. Apparently she liked it a lot. Around 7pm the neighbours arrived to babysit. I had to play a waterpolo match at 8.30pm. Andrea at first looked a little like “what is going on her”. But since the neighbour was on the ground playing with her it was alright. We won the match with 6-5 in the last second of the match. The neighbours had some more trouble. They played with Andrea and around 8.30pm they changed her diaper and put on her pyjama’s. She started to cry and did not stop crying for quite some time. She did not want her bottle. Eventually she was so tired that she fell asleep. So when I came home everything was quite. I made myself up for a night without a lot of sleep, since she did not want to drink anything anymore. But this was not necessary. She woke up at 7.30am. So this was perfect. Apparently she ate so much for diner that she did not need her bottle anymore. So may be we can start to slowly try to put her to bed at earlier time than 9pm without a last bottle. We will see how it goes.

Today opa and omi are coming for diner. Omi will sleep-over and take care of Andrea tomorrow since Mondays daddy takes care of her.

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