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Andrea had today another appointment at the allergy centre. Her eczema was almost completely gone since the last visit due to the triamcinoloncreme and fenistil dropplets. Because of her being tested today we had to stop the droplets (we already stopped with the creme some time ago) after Christmas. That is probably why she got some eczema back on her belly and back. But still there was plenty of space on her arms and back to perform the tests. She was tested for 16 allergenes and 6 complete compounds. The positive control and the peanut gave a reaction all the other things (tomatoes, milk, gluten, casein, egg white and egg yellow, and lots of other things) did not react. Chicken meat might have reacted a bit but probably not. The peanut was a definite yes, even the heavily diluted one. Andrea behaved very well, but after 6 “prikjes” she did not like it anymore. Unfortunately there were still 16 to go after that :(.

The docter also gave us some cetomacorgol creme, which is just a creme without any active ingredients. In case we run out of booboogo or sweet cheeks. The creme is prescribed, so the insurance pays. Now that testing is completed, we can continue with the fenistil droplets and should come back in a year to have her tested again. The droplets also help to reduce the chance of her getting astma. Furthermore we can now put some sweet cheeks and booboogoo on her body again. She really has a dry skin now and because of the testing we could not put anything on it.

 Ooh ja…. she is not allowed to have any peanuts… or anything with peanuts in it.

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Gonnie het gansje Chickenpox?

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