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We have made a new website in which we have incorporated the weblog. This weblog will therefore no longer be maintained. In order to view our current site, please go to

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Kralen rijgen

July 28, 2010 at 17:21 1 comment

Shifting Andrea to a bigger room day 4 and 5

This weekend we took the final steps in moving Andrea to a bigger room. Her room was already done, including Dora pictures on the wall. Her clothers were still in the small room, because our clothes were still in the closet on her big room. On Saturday we started with cleaning out the closet in our room, took apart the closet and build the new Ikea Pax closet. We were done with all of this around diner. Since Andrea played very well by herself and helped with putting nails in back of the closet and screwing a bit after diner we went outside with Andrea and played with her. On Sunday we started with putting the doors of the Pax closet together. All of this (including cleaning of the closet) was done around 14.30. After that the shelves and drawers still needed to be put into it. This was all done around 5pm. After that all clothes from Andrea’s room needed to be moved to our room and Andrea’s clothes were moved to Andrea’s new room. Everything, including putting Andrea to bed, was done at 8.50 pm. Mom and dad are exhausted, but Andrea’s room is now finalized. They only thing still to be done for the new baby is putting up the baby bed and cleaning the babyroom, since it is now a bit of a storage room.

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Preparations for shifting Andrea to a bigger room: day 1

To have a decent room for the baby we had decided that Andrea would move to Omi-room and Omi would move to mommy room. Today was the first day of preparations for this. We wanted to move the desk of mommy to Daddy’s room and had anticipated that it would not take too long. Unfortunately it took a bit more time and it is still not finalized. When the desk of mommy was moved into daddy’s room it became clear that that was no solution, so we moved it out again. Daddy’s desk has been made bigger. Next to that, Billy has moved places with Effectiv. The task for tomorrow is to get (which is now) omi-room nice and cosy.

Andrea found out that there was a big trunk with lots of toys in it. She behaved the whole day like a perfect child. Played alone, helped moving books, helped cleaning and helped screwing. Mom and dad are exhausted and Andrea is in bed sleeping. To be continued.

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Lekker eten in de zon

April 7, 2010 at 11:14 1 comment

Kijken naar het zand

“Ik wil in de zandbak spelen”. “Kan niet, want de zand is te nat”. “dan ga ik kijken naar het zand”

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Ik zit in de auto naar mijn werk

Tutje en gaia aapje zijn ook mee. De tekening ga ik ophangen op mijn werk. ik kom heel laat thuis.

April 2, 2010 at 09:27 1 comment

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